Mithr Services & Sugamya Counselling Centre

Mithr  means a ‘friend’ in most Indian Languages. The idea is to provide an understanding and focussed services in the areas where our expertise meets the needs of individuals, families and businesses. 

Sugamya means a'good destination' where you can let go of your emotional pains and heal emotional wounds.

Work-Life and Personal Life are intertwined most of the times, whether you are a student, working professional or even a homemaker. E.g. We go as a ‘whole’ being everywhere whether to school, college or work  Our thoughts, memories, issues, worries, travel with us all the time.  Similarly, one carries the work-related tensions, successes and joys back to home.  Even a homemaker is deeply involved in the matters of the family members whether they are students or business owners or employees.

Mithr Services & Sugamya understand the ‘human’ aspects in each of these spheres and provides the relevant support and facilitation required by individuals, groups/teams, families and organisations.

Like a whole tree is hidden in a seed, there is tremendous potential in every person.  At appropriate points, a little handholding, coaching, counselling or training can help individuals identify/strengthen such potential and enable them to realise their expected outcomes.

We refer to this handholding as performance coaching, life coaching, emotional counselling, family counselling, business coaching, training or consulting based on the audience/client and the context.

While we are updating the detailed website, please reach out to us on 9902016118 (Mithr Services) or 9113070060 (Sugamya Counselling). Or write to us at or